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Toyota Genuine Accessories

All Toyota Genuine Accessories are part of a unified system, made to work in perfect harmony with your Toyota, protecting you and your investment. Many components begin their development and testing up to 5 years before the launch of the vehicle, incorporating all requirements into the vehicle design from day one to ensure absolute synergy with the vehicle’s specifications and compatibility with its safety systems.

Safety first

Every Toyota Genuine Accessory[P4] is designed and tested to be 100% compatible with your vehicle. This ensures critical safety systems such as airbags, pre-collision sensors and Toyota Safety Sense[S1] will continue to function perfectly.

Built to last

Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] are manufactured using world class processes to meet Toyota’s stringent quality standards. Majority of these accessories are made here in Australia and all backed by Toyota’s comprehensive 5 year warranty[T2][T5].

Enhanced style

Accessories that are specifically designed for your vehicle will look better, fit well and blend seamlessly for a smarter, more sophisticated drive, every time.

Intelligent design

Only Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] begin the design and engineering process up to 5 years prior to launch alongside your vehicle. This ensures Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] are engineered for optimum performance, working together with the vehicle as an integrated system.

Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts are made to the same high-quality standards as your Toyota and designed specifically for your model so you can feel confident with every service and repair.

To protect your car and your family from the risks of counterfeit parts, always buy your Genuine Parts from an authorised dealer.

Why genuine brakes?

While our brake parts are tested for optimum performance and safety, counterfeit parts can put lives at risk.

Why genuine engine parts?

Parts like Genuine Oil Filters and Spark Plugs were designed and tested according to manufacturers standards.

Why genuine body parts?

In an accident, counterfeit parts not made to manufacture standards may affect crumple zones and air bags.

Authorised Dealer